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What is Source Camp?

Source Camp

Want to learn from the Guys who brought Lean Startup to Europe?

Want to learn about what it takes to create a startup culture ?

Source Camp

Source Camp is a 3-day internal knowledge-sharing event at which members of Source Institute teach each other their latest educational and community-building techniques, and share the latest trends.


Eight Months ago, Source Institute formed out of a pre-existing group of Community Builders, Growth Hackers, Hardware Investors, Creative Entrepreneurs, Educators , Institutional Investors and Internet Entrepreneurs.

Our prior work has been at the heart of building Europe’s startup communities. We brough Lean Startup to Europe in 2009, and spent years connected it to Europe’s strengths, like business model design and user experience design. (These disciplines became part of startup vocabulary around the world because of our community in London.) We designed and delivered startup education programmes for most of the accelerator industry in its first few years, and went on do the same for universities like Oxford, UCL and Imperial.

Since then, things have moved fast. We’ve designed and developed 2 state-fo-the-art startup education programmes, the Africa Prize, and Leaders In Innovation Fellowship, started a university reserach consortium on the effectiveness of different forms of entrepreneurship education, released a researched book on effective startup mentoring, and have partnered with a world-wide student organisation to deploy a one-day practicum in starting up which will be deployed to 35,000 new entrepreneurs in 100 countries. Source Institute is emerging as leaders in peer to peer education.

The Opportunity

Source Camp is coming to the sunny meadows of Netherlands. But this time we hold a special opportunity for selected people to join us.

Learn About:

Intrapreneurship - How to foster innovation and change from within a company to an extent which a consultant can’t.
Community Building - How to rally a community at a city or organisational level, and leverage its strengths to position that community as a global leader
Mentor Impact - A study on what innovation mentoring techniques lead to success
Decision Hacks - A study in how successful founders make good decisions fast.
Peer Education - How to create relevant and immediate education in fast-changing environments
Your Topic - Have a problem or an idea you want feedback on ? This is your chance.

Apply to Source Camp

This is a 2-day event, with a maximum of 15 people.

Day 1 - Unconference. Participants choose the topics, and we run up to 15 one-hour sessions in 3 parallel tracks. You’ll learn a range of new techniques from the source.

Day 2 - Fixers - Participants bring their challenges to each other, and we roll up our sleeves to solve them. You’ll learn how those with complimentary strengths to you think through your challenges and find actionable advice.

There is also time for nature walks and fireside chats.

Who’s going?

To apply

This is an invitation-only event, so please contact someone at Source Institute.

External rate: 1000 EUR
Source Institute Fellows: 200 EUR

About Source:

We build startup communities and design education for fast-changing environments.Having built some of the most innovative names in startup education, we’ve reached over 70,000 entrepreneurs in the most challenging markets on earth.

Thanks @salim , looks really good :slight_smile:

Super happy with this. did you have a look @bart , only thing location and dates missing.

What would be next step - can I pick 2-3 people and ask if this might be something for them ?

And short profiles for each of us. A lot of people decide on going based on who they’ll be learning from.

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Excellent write-up! I’m going to share this with:

  • Wageningen HR staff
  • BASF
  • Metro

Only minor point is we don’t have 15 places available, but 12.

Am waiting for the confirmation on the location. Dates are 678 june, with the unconference days on 6&7. With the cancellation of Eric, we should have 3 seats available for externals.

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Let me know when I can post this publicly and let the Leancamp guys know.

it’s good to go I think. If this gets heavy traction with externals, then the location I had in mind in NL will definitely not suffice. I’ve just sent out 3 invites to my corporate connections. Lets see how this goes.

Cool. What link did you send?

I didn’t link. I cut n pasted the text into an email.

Ah ok. I posted publicly here: Source Camp - June 7 & 8