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Welcome to Source Institute

Entrepreneurs are - by our nature - learners. We try new things, in new places.

Tech entrepreneurs bring fast-changing technology to fast-changing markets. Traditional education can’t always keep up. This is where peer-to-peer education is needed. This is where Source Institute steps in.

The world is full of technology that helps humanity - humanitech. From nanotech water filters in rural Tanzania to phone-mounted microscopes in Thailand, the success of these businesses helps society. This is where we focus.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Our online courses, highlighting regionally-relevant challenges and taught be entrepreneurs who’ve walked that path
  • Discussions about our new initiatives - about what’s really needed and how we can make a dent
  • News about our projects, and how we can join forces

This forum is for everyone - not just entrepreneurs - who want to invest themselves towards bringing real technology to solve real needs, and use commerce as the vehicle to make sure it’s sustainable.