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Running an Accelerator Design Sprint: Startup In Residence Edition

Early this year I kicked-off a project to design, and implement a Startup in Residence program for the provincial government of North Holland, under project leadership of the excellent Robbert van Geldrop of Firmhouse.

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Awesome! I really like the platform you used in hosting and sharing the Accelerator Design Sprint - Guides(dot)co

Do you know of the free pricing tier gives any form of analytics?

The review methodologies you applied are awesome! I have been thinking about a simple one to apply in a new intensive workshop I am about to start.

What are these quoted review methodologies though? I can’t seem to access the linked topics.

I also love the partnership canvas and experiment design frameworks shared here. They are quite heavy–in an insightful way, skimming through most them leave me realising how much I don’t know yet.

Awesome work!