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Looking for a Delivery Manager

Program Delivery Manager

The Company:
Source Institute is a leading provider of education and support formats and programmes for people working in highly challenging, fast changing, transformative and high growth domains and environments. I.e. startup founders, practitioners in fields like, food and energy tech in Africa, AI, Blockchain, etc.
We’ve created programs that have touched more than 70,000 entrepreneurs in some of the most challenging markets in the world.

The Position:
The delivery manager in a Source program is responsible for the smooth end to end operations of programs with budgets of 100s of thousands of EUR that on occasion get deployed over periods as short as 2 weeks.

An example program is a 2 week residential training in London for engineering PhDs from around the world aspiring to be startup founders. Such a program would have a number of participants traveling from abroad, trainers, facilitators, coaches from our team, guest experts, judges, multiple venues, social activities, various accommodations for the various stakeholders and complex travel and logistics. The goals of the program would be to train certain skills and mindsets in the participants and help them build relevant business relationships for the success of their businesses.

The ideal candidate would be:

  • Anticipating
  • Detail oriented
  • Persistent
  • Budget management savvy
  • Process oriented
  • Strong proactive communicator
  • Outcome and goal oriented
  • A cat herder
  • Very strong organisational skills
  • Good English speaker

Experience with Lean or Agile management and/or experience as a program manager for startup accelerator programs, education programs, incubators, etc is a big plus.

Why should you apply:

  • Opportunity to work on projects with great social impact
  • Collaborate personally with globally recognised thought leaders in their fields
  • Be part of a truly globally distributed team, self organised through a progressive organisational philosophy
  • Run projects in the UK, Africa, Bulgaria as well as in further ends of the world
  • Colleagues who are A grade professionals and a very supportive and positive culture
  • Competitive compensation

If you’d like to apply : please introduce yourself to Lino Velev:

We’re looking to contract a person who can start full time mid October / early November.

Answers to question we got from some of you, so far:

What’s the hiring process:
For a hiring decision to be made we need at the very least 4 yes answers from the 3 partner (@salim, @bart, @lino) and the other person holding a DM role - @andonov.
This means that there will meetings with all 4 people and we’ll assign you a small project that you can do in a week in your spear time. The project will be a live deliverable from our work and we’ll pay you for it.
You never know anyone properly until you’ve worked with them and the goal is to get this mutual understanding kickstarted.
At the end we’ll run some kind of convergence process and hire up to one candidate. Everyone else who requests it will be given feedback.

What’s the 1 most important thing for Source when choosing who to hire?
Frankly we can execute out current projects with the existing team, but feel that now is the best time to make some fundamental investments in our growth and thus are looking to hire some key full time people to support the long term development of the company.

What’s the on-boarding process?
You’ll be reporting to @andonov once you get hired, who’s an accomplished people manager and is the person currently holding the role you’ll be doing. You’ll run a project together where you’ll be trained and coached by him very closely. After that you’ll be expected to be able to take on the functions and run projects yourself with more limited guidance and support. Once you’ve proven that you can hold the necessarily responsibilities you’ll be considered a peer of Niki Andonov.

Where will I work from?
Source is a remote organization so everyone works from where they like. If you’d like we’ll cover the cost of a desk in a co-working space.
The way we operate is through a number of online tools where we stay in touch on a daily basis.
Additionally 3-4 times a year we do a “Source Camp”, which is half week retreat, where we gather together somewhere in nature and work on strategic things, exchange skills and know how and develop our interpersonal relationships. The team also basically lives in the same house on site during delivery weeks.
A rough assessment is that one would need to be on delivery somewhere in the world about 3 months a year and is free to be where-ever they want the rest of the time. Delivery weeks are very intense and we work almost around the clock with a lot of social team time involved to unwind. During non delivery time it’s quite more relaxed and flexible.

How big is the Source team?
We have a very small core team of dedicated people of which you’d the 5th member.
Additionally the legwork of our delivery projects is executed by our trained facilitators who’re experienced business leaders and take C-level jobs, are founders of startups, accomplished writers and educators or are VCs. That covers another 10-15 people.
And on top of that we have support staff who are external contractors who handle things like:
admin, accounting, legal, graphic design, web development, etc.

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