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360 Feedback (long loop)

Continuing the discussion from Guide: 360 Feedback:

The format for the 360 feedback as described above is great for evaluating each other on the level of a project that you’ve done together. It gives you actionable recommendations, based on recently observed behaviour. It’s quick, fast, and fresh.

For an upcoming team gathering I was assessing what we could do to get a higher, more lateral overview for feedback, looking at the person, and our shared history with that person. It’s a longer feedback loop I was looking for.

Questions to ask on a longer loop

I came across this post which describes a setup where you ask people who are close to you, to answer a couple of reflective questions in writing (say over email) about yourself. The main idea to is spot patterns of consistency in the feedback you get from your respondents, which then implicitly turn into an actionable consideration.

Here are the questions (which I’ve adapted a bit, based on the learnings from the post I linked to above)

  1. What role does [your name] play in your life? (How do you know him/her)
  2. What is [your name] good at? Describe her at his/her best.
    a. What are some ways you’d love to see him/her build on these strengths?
  3. What is [your name] not so good at? Describe him/her on an off day.
    b. What are some ways [your name] can improve on her weaknesses?

The experiment

I’m keen to try this on myself, and will be sending around requests for feedback within my team. I’ll report with a summary on how it went.

But, If you know me, and you feel confident about our relationship, then I grant you permission to email these questions to somebody we both know, who would be a great person to give me feedback on these questions. You’ll have my email address, naturally :sweat_smile: