The If-Then - helping them decide

(Salim Virani) #1

There’s a balance between selling an idea, and allowing the learner to choose for themself.

Being opinionated and making a strong argument – the message is likely to spread further, but also likely to build a religious following. On the plus side, it often takes this kind of counter-balance if your learners already have strong beliefs that block them from progress.

The Basecamp guys are good at this, with headline commands like Go To Sleep.

Of course, things aren’t usually so black-and-white. Once the basic premise and principles are settled, the answer to most questions is, it depends. This is where the If-Then shines.

This guide is a great example, simply listing each channel and its strengths. Then pointing out that success in any of them comes from regular execution, so only pick a few.

At Source, we say: You can’t teach The How if you haven’t explained the The Why. And you can’t do The How, unless you know The When.

The If-Then is the step from novice mimickry, to independent decision-making. This is where the shift towards mastery takes place.

Dave Gray (who I will continue learning from forever) puts this altogether in Visual Thinking School, covering the spectrum in 3 short, powerful videos:

  • Why is Visual Thinking important? The Why
  • But can I do this? The How
  • Visual Thinking basics
  • How to know what to draw The When. The If-Then.

Don’t mistake The How for the full picture

Most education programmes focus on The How. Some include The Why. Very few cover The When. This is a big reason why so many fail. By design, they’re treating education like a one-way funnel for how-to knowledge, rather than focusing on broader understanding, and designing to allow pathways towards mastery and independence.

(Salim Virani) #2

@ncerovac what’s your take on the quality of this guide?

Facilitation skill: Visual Thinking
(Nemanja) #3

It’s great and detailed explanation, i really like it (I sent it to my CM). As for my opinion, I would say i’m doing similar.

So with LF we focus now on facebook and instagram and for now facebook is getting us a lot of trafic, instagram is for me problem to measure since i can’t put link in comment, so need to find a way to measure and then update you guys :slight_smile:

As for linkedin, medium and pinterest - I want to test it out, but have feeling that blog post explained how it goes, so i expect similar result.

What is also interesting for Balkan region is, since on Balkans it’s not that used, it’s kind of good hack to use since they(automatic meetup promo mails) will send promotional emails constantly because there are not many meetups in region, so its kind of free marketing + people that use meetup platform are tech savy people so it’s win win. for us, we grew organically there on almost 100 people, used it for last meetup, and 60 people came.