Facilitation skill: Visual Thinking

(Salim Virani) #1

I mentioned Visual Thinking School as a good example of educational programme design, but it deserves its own post for the content itself.

Visual communication skills are really a must-have for facilitators.

Not just for use front-and-centre, but also because it’s a skill we can easily teach so that people can teach each other. We did this back in the day in London. Three founders were interviewed by the meetup using a fishbowl, and everyone took visual notes, which we compiled into what I call a WeBook.

They’re also really useful to build the craft of facilitation, because visual communicators develop a broader sense of metaphor, and can make sense of complex concepts by mapping them spatially.

Visual Thinking School takes less than an hour, and is a fun thing to do from a cafe. You just need a pen and paper, and your phone to watch the videos.

(By the way, Dave Gray’s hitting the Lean Startup meetup in London in a few days. Perfect chance to learn from the master.)

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