Workshop kit roll-up - am I missing anything?

(Salim Virani) #1

I’m thinking of getting a roll-up workshop kit made by Mental Syndicate here in Sofia. Something like a chef’s roll-up knife holder but for workshops, so that I can just grab it on the way out the door and be fully prepared. At the gig, I just unroll it, hang it on the back of my chair and have instant access to everything.

My kit normally contains:

  • sharpies
  • sticky notes in two sizes
  • a clicker with backup batteries
  • a watch so I can keep time without subliminally reminding people to look at their phones
  • dongles for laptop->screen
  • spare USB key
  • blank cards
  • blank A4 sheets
  • A4 feedback forms
  • bluetack and masking tape

Am I missing anything? What’s in your kit?

If anyone else wants one, I could order some more.