Trello for organising your tasks and team

(Sir James (SolarTurtle)) #1

Thank you Boyana for introducing me to Trello! I feel like I now have a grip on everything happening. It was just too much on my old system (onenote). It was just madness.

Sal, I think Trello / Scrum light would be a great addition to the program.

It’s free and you can do so much with it. I highly recommend it.

What I’ve done so far that’s working

  1. I’ve got a big board for SolarTurtle that I use now to track all my tasks (cards)
  2. The board has 5 lists - To Do, Doing, Waiting, Done (sure you can recommend a few more)
  3. I started by adding all my current cards to the To Do list. You can just copy and past. It auto generates cards for each new line
  4. Then I created labels - one for each of my main projects and key activities - marketing, sales leads, pilot work, etc. etc.
  5. I then added my team.

Now everyone can see what’s going on and you can easy tag people to talks and set dates etc. Go try it!

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