Source Camp Netherlands

Continuing the discussion from Source Camp One-pager:

Hello everyone,

Happy to announce the definitive dates for Source Camp.

They’ll be from 6-8 June. We’ll stay at It’s just a stone through from Velp station, one stop away from Arnhem station.

In terms of getting there by plane, a would suggest a booking to Schiphol, or from Dusseldorf (both are about equally far from Arnhem).

We are welcome to walk-in at noon on Monday 6th.

The program will be as follows:

Mon 6:
12.00 Walk-in/check-in
14.00 Kick-off with orientation and 360’s.
17.00 Mountain bike trekking in the forest (pending availability)
20.00 Dinner and other social activities at the house (Bart will make spaghetti)

Tue 7 (external day):
Full day unconference at the house
Dinner out, or catered (20/30 euro per person estimated)

Wed 8 (external day):
Morning and early afternoon fixer sessions.
Afternoon departure.

So far we have the following 10 people confirmed:

We might have 2-3 external people coming along who have change-maker positions with corporates.

Regarding the costs it will be 120 euro per person for the whole stay for Source Fellows, including breakfast and lunch.
Variable costs that come on top are tea/coffee/drinks during the day, dinner, and mountain biking. Let me know if you want to join the mountain biking, then I will make a reservation (also make sure you pack some clothes that can handle the mud :slight_smile:

I will arrange all the financials for this Source Camp. I’ll make up the final cost break down after the Camp, and give you the payment details.

Let me know if you have any questions!


I can vouch for this spaghetti.