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Some community-building event formats

I just wanted to share a few ideas I had for P2P learning events at The House, a new club in Sofia for people who are passionate about what they do. I’m going to propose them as some fun side projects.


Learn the behind the scenes of different crafts and jobs.

Dinners for 5+ where everyone presents their favourite tool of their trade, and then makes dinner together. The dinners will be made in kits by Daro with instructions for everyone to follow, and one hard dish that gives everyone a sense of how difficult cooking can be.


Expand your worldview.

Meetup that starts with 5 people each making a 2 minute presentation on something interesting from outside of their main area of expertise, that expanded their worldview.


Someone suggests a movie and gives a 2-5 minute presentation with screenshots, deconstructing the film as they choose. Could be from the art and techniques of film-making, the story line and symbolism, or just what parts you liked and what the film means to you.

After the short presentation, we watch the film then have a drink together.


Someone presents a problem or challenge they’re facing, followed by a fishbowl Q&A. Then mingling over drinks while anyone with ideas comes to the front and contributes to an post up board with ideas, suggestions and references.

Young blood

Drinks night where each member is allowed to invite only one non-member who they believe is a future success, and pays for their ticket. Young bloods are givensilly tasks.

Peer-mentoring day

A place to come to get serious help with your current business challenges.

  1. Everyone has 30 seconds to introduce themselves and the kind of help they need.
  2. Then another round of intros again, this time 60 seconds on how they can help the challenges they’ve heard.
  3. Short presentation on mentoring styles, and each person selects the style of mentoring they need for their challenge: advice, sounding board, see someone do it, try it together, brainstorm… (based on the research)
  4. 45 minutes of mingling where everyone seeks out the mentors or mentees they see as relevant, quickly assesses to see if they should set appointments with each other,
  5. 3 mentoring appointments that are 45 minutes each.