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If you can get kids interested in math

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My aunt’s a retired school teacher. Last summer, I asked her how she got kids interested in boring subjects, and there was a connection to building on experiences.

She designs lessons around building curiosity, then layers on different subjects.

Say, planning a trip to the beach. Kids get excited about a day trip to the beach.

But how do we get there? Let’s look at the train schedule. How long will it take? Do we want to play in the sand? When is high tide? Okay, when should we go?

Does anyone want to try fishing? Shall we interview a fisherman? What will we ask them?

What countries have beaches? Which ones don’t?

Let’s paint a picture of the beach. Now, let’s look at Van Gogh and Monet. How did they do it differently?

My Aunt Nicole’s advice was: Give sense to everything you do.