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Ice breaker missions game

Our wedding is going to be a mix of a lot of different groups, so we thought we’d try out a little game for an ice breaker.

It’s inspired (and copied) by an exhibit by Stefan Sagmeister we stumbled across in Vienna. We took some of the missions from that exhibit, and added some more of our own.

Everyone will be given a card with a mission on it when they arrive:

Carry the person you are with on your back for as long as you can
Stand on something high and sing your favorite recent pop song as loud as you can
Pretend to recognize another guest, tell them “It’s been so long” and commence a conversation.
Remove one shoe and one sock. Carry them.
Try to start a round of applause.
Wear this card as a hat. When somebody points it out, act surprised and like you don’t know how it got there.
Circumnavigate the space walking backwards.
Dance to your favorite song in silence.
Look for visitors with their fly open and tell them.
Leave your fly open. If you are not wearing trousers, open the top three buttons of your shirt.
Ask someone to draw a picture of you.
Gently and discretely, place this card on somebody’s head. Of they don’t notice, give them two minutes before asking for it back.
Make a complete stranger laugh out loud.
Find a reflection of yourself and tell it what you really think.
Meet someone new but don’t speak for 1 minutes
Exchange this card with someone else’s card.
Tell someone new a love story
Find someone to believe in
Learn a dirty word in another language and then. teach it to someone younger than you
Get someone thirsty a drink
Dance like noone’s watching
Start a club with a special handshake and recruit at least 2 people who you haven’t met yet
Learn a life lesson from someone older
Learn a life lesson from someone younger
Encourage someone you’ve met recently
Hug 10 people (one at a time)
Remember a long forgotten goal and confide it in someone
Consider your needs and express them without asking for them to be addressed
Listen to someone until you feel you understand their needs, and express your understanding back to them
Wear a stranger’s hat
Trade an article of clothing with someone
Hold hands with two people at once
Kiss 20 different cheeks
Smile at 4 strangers
Make eye contact with a stranger and smile until they smile back
Trade this card without someone but don’t reveal it before the trade

Any more ideas? :slight_smile:

this is beautiful <3

as for some more ideas:

  • make small hearts on your cheeks with lipstick. When somebody points it out, act surprised and like you don’t know how it got there.
  • give 20 compliments to 20 different strangers
  • ask 5 different people to share with you most inspiring thing they read this month and why
  • will add more here every day :slight_smile:
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How about: “I you guessed someone’s mission correctly, you get their card. The person with the most cards by the end of the day gets a kiss from the bride”

what’s more:

  • get someone to pay you a compliment
  • guess somebody’s shoe size

Toootaly doesnt sound like someone wants a kiss from the bride! :blush:

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20 compliments and 5 inspiring things are pretty good ones!

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