Food-Truck Business

(Michael David) #1

Hi Community Sources, I want to start a food-truck business that will target events and offer other unique experiences. Anyone with advice and ideas on how to scale it kindly share.

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(Nemanja) #2

Hey @michaelfdavid congrats on decision :slight_smile:

Can you tell us a bit more about the idea? Did you started with any tests already or is it something that is in idea stage?

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(Gabriel) #3

From the little he wrote, I think @michaelfdavid is prolly in the idea stage.

My take? Building a business out of food trucks, as with all other food related businesses, could be quite lucrative. Depending on the area Mike decides to cover. If you end of getting a fairly used truck, you might spend more time servicing the truck itself than the food.

Scaling might be a bit capital intensive, as this would involve getting more trucks to cover more areas. You should also make sure your food is top notch. How you’d retain food quality when you eventually scale, is something you may need to figure out… But hey, what do I know… :joy:

All the best bro.

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(Nemanja) #4

well… you said a lot of good points :slight_smile:

(Michael David) #5

Hi @ncerovac we were still iterating and had plans to partner with product on wheels businesses. It was a concept that was to launch #LetaShow - mobile wireless hotspots that gets you plugged in once in the coverage area with offline capabilities to. #WIFIonWheels + #CloudAIBrowser/Platform #EqualRating #Connectivity4All