What makes a good venue for P2P formats and in general?

(Lino Velev) #1

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had to discuss the choice of venues for different events we’re running a few times.
Decided to post this topic so we can discuss and hopefully summarise what makes a good venue.


(Bart Doorneweert) #2

there are some tips here on the Open Spaces post at Spotify Labs: https://labs.spotify.com/2017/05/31/going-into-deep-space-creating-the-right-environment-for-your-open-space/

Generally provide for structured space for sessions, and for casual spaces for people to continue outside of the program if they wish.

My last unconference was in a factory hall which was great. It provided 2 closed rooms for sessions, and then an opportunity in the factory hall to for 3-5 bean-bag type circles, or just picnic tables to sit and drink coffee if they wanted to. It was really a chilled atmosphere. People from the factory (a maker space, actually), would still be working around, and the one thing didn’t interrupt the other.

Having the board in the open space was also really great, as it helped enforce the law of 2 feet more easily.

(boyana) #3

@lino, here’s a short checklist I’ve been sending to clients over the years (last edit is from AP).

Room settings

  • Natural lighting
  • Acoustics - no echo (carpeted floor if possible)
  • Way to control the temperature in the room

Room layout:

  • Seating around tables, cabaret style
  • Space in front for the trainer
  • Small table next to the projector - for workshop materials
  • Wall space for business model posters (1 poster per 5 people, with enough room to stand around the poster unobstructed)


  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Shades on windows (optional - if projector is not bright enough)
  • Flip charts/ white board
  • Steady coffee and water supply

In this case I would also add:

  • space for socializing during breaks
  • big common space for planning sessions on unconferences (could be same as above). With wall space for schedule
  • 3 breakout rooms (work both for unconf and smaller group workshops)

(boyana) #4

@lino one more thing coming to mind in our case.

If they have agreed for us to run parallel sessions to the coaching, this means that we’ll need double the space - this means that meeting rooms and spaces for to sit down and talk comfortably is even more crucial this year.