Unconference event 101, basics

(Nikola Yanev) #1

Hey awesome Source people,

I have no idea if this is the right category for my post, but I think I am close :smiley:

Last week I had a meeting with @lino, where we discussed the start of our new Pre-Accelerator Season 5.
We had a great idea, where our Start It Smart team can organize a quick unconference event as part of our education program next week. Lino suggested to me to write in the forum, so we can get some support from you guys.

My main question is what are the unconference format basics? Which are the 20% we need to know in order to deliver 80% of the results? Some compressed first step advice will be highly appreciated. :wink:

P.S. Our team finds the format really cool and we hope to get even better in handling such events.

Thank you for the help in advance!

(Lino Velev) #2

Hey @robin we already spent a couple of hours discussing basics with Niki.
The two next steps I think are:

For him to read the lean camp guide (not sure ihave an up to date copy). Can you please help here

Key points and principles for the intro and planning session. We can do those here.

@nikyanev Robin is the Source captain of unconferences, we should keep him up to date on stuff we’re running

(Robin) #3

@nikyanev can we jump on a call tomorrow?


(Nikola Yanev) #4

@robin is Skype suitable for you?
Mine is: nik.yanev
Early afternoon works best for me: 13:00 to 15:00
What about you?

(Nikola Yanev) #5

Hey @robin will a Skype call tomorrow suit your schedule? We are planning the unconference for this Thursday, so we want to be prepared with at least the basics. :slight_smile: