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Continuing the discussion from Source Summit: Aviation:

The opportunity

A Source Summit in which we bring together different parts of the (Dutch) aviation sector together, lead by those who already are working with or bought into Lean Startup in the Netherlands. This was sparked on Leancamp, where Marieke Schoenmaker participated.


To test p2p structures in a risk-averse and unbundled industry. Also, it creates a safe environment for executives to experience the formats and learn from companies who they typically treat as suppliers and customers.

Transavia is already invested into Lean Startup.

NLR has put their toe in the water. They need to reinvent themselves as 25% of their income is from government grants, which will be capped to 0 in a few years.

Lean Startup Leadership Platform is actively advertising itself as the equivalent of the Dutch Lean Startup Circle for the enterprise and is looking for formats to run with their community.

I reminded myself of a bunch of hackers in Delft on the University campus who go by RoboValley. We should try to bring them in as well. I have a connection there who I invited for the last Leancamp. He liked the concept but couldn’t make that one due to holidays. I can make him an ambassador for that community.

Source Institute will design the Summit

Strategic Relevance

Source can demonstrate the power of p2p to an entire sector. There are many more of these setups, such as Holland ConTech and Holland FinTech. It’s also a way to spot potential Source Fellows, because people who’ll lead will be qualifying for the Belt System.


Budget: 10k - 20k

Preparation - Aug-Sep
Summit Date - beginning of Oct

Marieke Schoenmaker (lead, community outreach, committing sponsors and venue)
Vincent Thamm - Transavia (lead, perhaps venue)
@bart or @salim for design
@robbert (for community outreach)

For delivery: trained facilitators


Participants leave with confidence that they can use p2p formats as a way of working in their business

Showcase Source Summit to other community platforms, who can be a channel for this

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Latest update is that I have a meeting with Vincent Thamm from Transavia (low-cost branch of KLM) who runs Lean Startup there. Link:

This meeting is scheduled at 26-7 and its purpose it to establish whether they can provide the baseline being venue and perhaps catering. Also, we’d pick a date for the event.
I think we want to kick-off our squad after that meeting.

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Summarizing @robin’s and @lino’s contributions which are relevant for the public discussion:

“Talk aviation almost on a daily basis with my father ( Thomas Cook & Condor ) . Would love to pull him in for something like this. Also have connection at Lufthansa.”

“Have a very good connection in Lufthansa Innovation Hub as well”

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Met some analyst from Airbus this week in London as well, who wanted to hear more. Haven’t had a chance to followup yet though.

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Hey Robert,

is there something we can sent across to our contacts sort of like to tease out if they are interested ?

I think that could help me and @lino .

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We can do it similar to what LiveOnDemand and Leancamp does - set up a landing page and have people pre-register, leaving their email address to keep them updated once things get scheduled.

Do we have the copy to describe a Source Summit?

cc @lino

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Something like this @rvangeldrop @lino

All I wanted @rvangeldrop are a couple of lines via mail which I could forward to my contacts to see how interested they are and what there thoughts & vows are?

The Source Summit format

Summits are like a bustling conference, with tons of rooms and fast, 30-minute sessions on different topics. Sessions are usually a short talk followed by a discussion, workshops or other interactive formats.
The difference from a standard conference is that the sessions are planned by the participants that day!
Source Summit works well because we draw different disciplines and backgrounds together. Each group we connect needs an ambassador as our eyes and ears.
Summits are an open, interactive, and multi-track. We focus on the doers sharing their experience - keeping it practical and actionable. And the large number of sessions at any given time, as well as the fact that the sessions are determined by the participants themselves, help make sure everyone has very relevant options available to them. It’s a high-energy day focused on broad learning and helping each other.
The day itself starts with everyone gathering around an empty schedule, and everyone has the opportunity to step up and suggest a topic for a session. People come on stage to explain their session for 30 seconds, and choose a place and time from the empty slots.
Less than an hour later, we have a conference built for and by the participants! (It works like magic - we’ll teach you how to do this magic trick!)
Everyone has the power over the agenda, to contribute their experience, and to interact with thought-leaders and experienced practitioners. Participants drive the topics based on their needs.

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(back from two weeks off in France) :slight_smile:

I think what LiveOnDemand does and what Leancamp has done in the past works best: build an email list of ±100 through a landing page.

If we want people to contribute at this very early stage, I suggest you send them an email and point them to this page for further discussion and contribution. I’m meeting with Transavia on Tuesday.

I can build a draft of the above copy based on Jekyll and the Landing Page template. @salim can we host that as a subdomain of

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