Question Mapping

(Salim Virani) #1

Question Map

Question Mapping is a form of Post Up used for soliciting learning goals from learners

why: to better understand your audience, and to source concrete ideas for calibrating [link to calibration] content to your audience’s demand on the spot.

when: at the beginning of a workshop or programme.

How to ( Step by Step )

  1. Make the participants aware that the purpose is to explain learning goals to eachother.
  2. Ask people to think of what they want to learn today/this week/over the programme.
  3. Ask them to think about their current challenges and what they can apply, to make their requests actionable.
  4. Ask them to write down one question or request per sticky note.
  5. When they have a sticky note, ask them to come to front of the room and explain their request to everyone. Otherwise it gets boring, and a seemingly private conversation, which makes it hard to engage the room.

It’s important that they share one point at a time and to the room.
Keep it fast and punchy, and keep it to short conversations or clarifying questions.

Don’t start analysing immediately after the post-up. Leave that for the break, and decide then whether you’re on track, or not.