Jaded Aid - Cards Against Humanity for development people

(Salim Virani) #1

Every JadedAid deck contains 200 hilarious cards, crowdsourced from international development professionals around the world based on real-world experiences. Each deck also includes a few blank cards enabling you to add your own jaded flavor.

We could address some of the most frustrating and backwards parts of doing development work, but instead of bitching or crying, it was through laughing together. Compared to the general Cards Against
Humanity game, the sector specific humor seemed to resonate at a much more personal level taking funny ideas to deeply funny combinations. (Although we still recommending combining JadedAid and CAH for fun that lasts longer than Mugabe’s rule!)

Guess who’s behind it? None other than TMS Ruge. Guess we’ll be playing this next Source Camp, @ehalsey1 @bart