Indiegogo improves crowdfunding with a stamp of approval for hardware projects

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You go, Indiegogo!

Indiegogo has been helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality for years. Now, they’re teaming up with Arrow Electronics to make it even easier…and to help ensure that said entrepreneurs don’t f*ck it up.

Here’s how it works: Arrow (who specializes in electronics) first assesses Indiegogo campaigns for their technical feasibility, manufacturability, and overall “is this actually a good idea”-ness.

Qualifying campaigns then receive direct access to things like Arrow’s prototyping services, design tools, manufacturing support, and engineering experts.
They’ll also get a special Arrow badge, suggesting to backers that the campaign “has an army of Smart People behind it,” which one can safely assume will increase the chances of a successful product delivery.

Smart move, Indiegogo

This partnership totally plays to the hearts of entrepreneurs because it shows Indiegogo’s commitment to helping them throughout the entire entrepreneurial process, not just raising funds.

Backers should love this move, too, since it proves the company is actively working to improve the delivery ratio of its successful projects.

Which Kickstarter is not. And considering 9% of all Kickstarter projects fail to deliver what they promise (not surprising at all from first-time entrepreneurs building hype instead of products) they might want to take notes.

Indiegogo wants to be the go-to crowdfunding platform, especially for gadgets and electronic products. And in the over-populated world of crowdfunding, it’s moves like these that might just get them there.

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