Facilitation: tough scenarios you'll encounter

(Salim Virani) #1


** Your running on a tight schedule for a client, come into a fixed setting and run into exceptional tech-problems **

  • Call someone out and ask to fix your tech - problem whilst you engage with the group ( post -up , conversation, intro , ice -breaker game ) etc - ( no need of tech )
  • Be prepared always - ( connector, clicker etc. )

** The room is unbearable; heat, noise, not spacious **

  • More breaks - less content
  • Try to find an alternative location outside or close - by without starring lots of comossion
  • Excercises should be conducted in standing rather than sitting
  • Ask for group - members to ‘drink -lots’

** Postnotes are raining **

** Missing crucial material halfway through the game **

Other situations if forgotten:

Technical Device Distraction - Several members of the group are constantly on Laptop throughout the workshop session / They are distracting their peers and are not 100% engaged with the group

  • Call them out ( ideally at the beginning of the session ) - be open about your content needing full attention and that you understand if he needs to go out to respond to important mail / call
  • Invite him to come back to the room at any given time

** If there are different levels of knowledge within the group ( example BMC ) **

  • Request person with advanced knwoledge to share his experience with the group or help his peers
  • Ask him to sit out / take a break for the time being