Facilitation - Speeding Up

(Salim Virani) #1

There are various reasons why a facilitator would want to speed up a workshop.

  • It could be that the audience is already familiar with certain parts of the content, which means you can shift to more advanced topics, and increase the pace of delivery.
  • It could be that the group is energetic, and is catching on to the content quickly, meaning you can cover more ground.
  • It could be that a certain part of beginning of the workshop got stuck, and limits time for the remaining parts ( Time constraints generally ).

The facilitator’s job is to sense when to speed up, and make the call suggesting how to speed things up. The teacher doesn’t need to think that through, and debate whether acceleration is necessary.

Suggestions for acceleration would be:

  • huddles - communicate a new plan / course of action towards the remaining time of the workshop
  • stage open conversation “let’s move on to the next point”, “let’s skip XYZ”, “let’s round off with?”
  • prepare/interplay; pre - agree on hand-signs