Facilitation: Room Position

(Salim Virani) #1

Where to stand

Your position controls the atmosphere

When going into a new location it is important to know how your position creates a certain atmosphere.

  • Move around to create diversity
  • The way you start off the day, sets the expectations for engagement:
    • For them to be silent and listen? Lecture style.
    • For them to work with each other? Cabaret style with you walking around.
    • For them to engage in group conversations? Round table, where you take a seat.
  • Move closer to people to draw attention to them
  • Move near people who are distracted to make your presence known.
  • If someone is speaking to you, but needs to be heard by the group, move away from them, putting the group between you and them. Then they have to speak louder so you can hear them, resulting in the group hearing them too.
  • Standing at the back of the room - gives you the chance to monitor the slides without turning back
  • When moving it is important to not move back and forth on a given position - rather move with a flow

Your position should be support by your environment

Your position in relation to the environment also supports you. Take the time to change the room to suit your needs:

  • Where can I walk without disturbing participants?
  • Where are the acoustics the best?
  • Where can I be seen without neck or eye strain? Does lighting have an influence ?
  • Can I comfortably walk through the audience?
  • Will the participants block me from reaching the whiteboard if I need to explain something?