Facilitating Pitches

(Salim Virani) #1

Getting participants to stand up and pitch, is always a risk to the flow of your workshop. Common ways of that happening is stories that beat about the bush, or never ending stories brought in great detail. Pitching doesn’t come natural to most people. Thery’re there to learn, right?

Ensuring that pitching moments remain engaging is hard, paticularly in larger groups.

The following techniques will help you to deal with driving engagement:

  • Time box the pitch to 90 seconds

Questions you might ask yourself:

  • Are slides worth using - bare in mind the technical hassle of collecting presentations and / or setting every participants laptop up - ( Yes / No ) ?

  • How long is the attention span - when is it necessary to set breaks ?

  • Is it worth splitting the group to cut out more focus ?

Different Pitching Formats - ( benefits / ideas ) :

  • Pecha Kucha: great way to keep audience visually engaged ( 20 sec. / slide fixed )
  • Storyboard: Let participants draw / sketch their pitches on 6 - 8 slides/grid/boxes ( Storyboard style ) - ‘investors’ walk into the room and look at each ‘storyboard - pitch’ and engage if their are questions => in this way everyone stays engaged/busy

Other suggestions:

  • Carve out frequent and long breaks
  • Don’t give feedback on the spot - but reserve for later - will keep the energy up
  • Involve audience by giving them tasks to do: Rate, Give Feedback to each participant, Accelerator Dashboard, Grid, Put them in the position on investor
  • Split groups ( sent one group off with one facilitator or sent one group for lunch/ coffee )