Faciliation: Venue Fails

(Salim Virani) #1

Venue Problems

** The room is unbearable; heat, noise, not spacious ( Jackhammer/Sauna / Power failure ) **

Physical comfort goes a long way. It’s really a pre-requisite for a functional learning environment. If this doesn’t exist, address this first. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can “push through.”

  • Take Charge - pull in staff, students, etc. to fix what you can before you start.
  • Buy time if you need to
  • If it’s hard to focus, change the plan to include more breaks, and less content. This way you’re optimising for overall knowledge retention and experience.
  • Try to find an alternative location outside or close-by without lots of commotion and distraction (maybe task a staff member with this)
  • introduce more standing rather than sitting if it’s a hot or low energy room
  • small group and individual exercises are better when there’s a lot of background noise
  • Ask for group - members to ‘drink -lots’

A basic, professional level of prep can avoid a lot of problems:

  • Always be prepared by having ‘pens and sticky notes’. Also just having some relevant worksheets with you is a good back-up - helps in making anything into a Venue ( Bar, Restaurant etc. )
  • Call someone out of the organising team to fix your venue problem; Buy lunch or drinks at any given place. Deal with delivery first, and figure out the economics of what you’re doing at a later point (unless you find yourself buying a Bentley for some weird reason)