Enterprises don't just buy it because it's good

(Salim Virani) #1

A nice perspective, Designing For the Whole Value Proposition Chain:

There are many flavors of “enterprise” when we talk about it in the design world. A common flavor is one where the buyer is not the user.

So what other non-users do we need to consider in an enterprise sale?

The article tackles the definition of MVP in this context, versus the classical B2C SaaS context that most Lean Startuppers take as the canonical scenario. (I came across this when Dave, the author responded to “Don’t Worry, I Validated It.”)

Without getting into the endless challenge for redefining terms like MVP, I like how he’s building understanding by creating a map of the new context. With this diagram, it’s easy to see why your idea that simply making a product that users love isn’t enough in an enterprise. Plus, it gives you clear next steps.