Designing: Scenarios

(Salim Virani) #1

Scenarios you can design against vs. those you must respond to

There are two kinds of scenario’s each demand their own approach for dealing with them.

One way is to anticipate for scenario’s happening, and design against them by applying facilitation techniques in your preparation. Examples of this are planning in a Question Map to be able to anticipate knowledge differences within the group, or carving out time to jointly define the rules of behavior for the workshop with participants.

The second way relates to scenario’s that can’t be tackled by design of the workshop. For instance dealing with a room full of jerks, or someone puking over their next seat neighbour because of their hangover from a good night out in London.You will need to react on the spot by applying a certain technique to deal with that.

In this facilitation manual you will find that all the techniques will be labeled as either, so that you know when you can start applying them: either in prepration or during the workshop.