Design Principle: Responsiveness

(Salim Virani) #1

Learners, especially those who are learning as they go, are all different. Rather than try to predict their needs and lock them to the same path, we want to be responsive. We want to be helpful as and when they need us, or let the get on with it.

  • You might plan a marketing class, but half the participants are marketing experts already.
  • You might have a great talk lined up from a seed investors, but most of the founders are fine with grants.
  • You might think to start your business model workshop with an introduction to the canvas, but your technical people don’t see the point of “the business side.”

The key to being relevant is to calibrate early and often. Find ways to assess their needs, goals and perspectives.

This is the heart of acceleration through education – listen and react so we can stop their wheel-spinning and spot the best opportunities to help.

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