Deep Dive Sofia

(Salim Virani) #1

I’d like to get a regular Startup Deep Dive going in Sofia, maybe every month or two. I feel like the new blood in the Sofia community needs a way in, and a day-long launch event will upskill them and empower them.

I’d be happy to run it if we can schedule it while I’m in town, I just need support to promote it for now.

Benefits for SIS and AIESEC are that I can teach the teams how to facilitate Deep Dive themselves, and build capacity within those organisations. It is designed as a self-propagating workshop so it’s relatively easy for someone motivated to take the workshop, work on their skills for a few weeks, and then be able to deliver it themself.

I feel this is a solid need in the Sofia startup community - that people who think starting a tech business could be right for them need a way in to try without making a big personal commitment. This is long-term pipeline building for the Preaccelerator, Founders Institute, Eleven and LauncHub. Personally, I feel this is a place where I can make a strong, unique contribution to Sofia. (I’ve already invested months in the workshop design.)

A big opportunity I see for Bulgaria is to get this going so we can make this inclusive to a few Roma people I know, and next quarter help them run Deep Dive in their neighbourhood. Then, they can start running it in chitalishtes and it can spread to help create opportunities. But to do that I need Bulgarian-speaking facilitators to be able to run it so they can join.

What’s needed?

I need partners to help get the word out, host the event, and rally people who would like to learn to deliver a hands-on startup skills workshop like this.

Would love to move on this quickly as my travel dates for November/December are filling up. I can deliver this in Sofia on November 5th, or the week of December 17th after that. I’d prefer to even get a small start on the 5th, but that’s 2-weeks away.

@nikyanev would love your support. @boyana can you please share this with the relevant people at AIESEC Bulgaria/Sofia, and re-introduce me over email if necessary?

(boyana) #2

@salim I’ve introed you over email to Shin from AIESEC