Dealing with tough students

(Salim Virani) #1

Detractor openly opposing / questioning teaching methods, games, experiments

‘Detractors’ could be acting like they do because of a number of reasons;

  1. Bordome
  2. ‘They think they know this already’
  3. Prove themselves to the group
  4. Forced to be there
  5. They simply disagree
  6. ‘They just are in the wrong workshop’
  • Involve him in processes, games and experiments to a greater extent
  • Give them the stage - include them especially on a given topic ( make sure this is something you can hand - off )
  • Try to find what his problem is ( during break ) - try to establish a conversation early on
  • Special cases - ‘unbearable’ - ask him kindly to leave in order to uphold the quality of teaching for his peers
  • ‘Yes And’ - don’t fight - confront but don’t get in an open conflict
  • Use your personal experience as credibility ( Establish credibility in ‘Partnerships’ ) / Don’t antagonise