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Debates Projects This section briefly outlines our main projects and has a few case studies from our service delivery arm, Source Partners. Concepts We lead with value. We proactively do things we believe the world needs, and work with collaborators towards common goals. Formats Over the years, we've developed different educational formats. We'd like to share them and provide a place for others to do the same. You can discuss, ask for support, or contribute your own.
Working With Source [Source Activities] (2)
About the Source Activities category [Source Activities] (1)
Hearts and Hurdles [Formats] (1)
Question Mapping [Formats] (1)
Design Pattern: Context-Aware Online Course [Formats] (1)
Design Pattern: Self-updating Workshop [Formats] (1)
Building communities of master entrepreneurs [Debates] (1)
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Mentor-funded startups [Concepts] (7)
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Leaders in Innovation Fellowship - Year 3 [Projects] (1)
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Startup Deep Dive - a structured first step in becoming a founder [Projects] (1)
The Sources - online story-telling between Africa's successful tech founders [Projects] (1) filling in the gap in technology development for agriculture [Concepts] (11)
Peer-Education Hub for South-East Europe [Concepts] (11)
Session format: Cross the line [Formats] (5)
Source Camp - June 7 & 8 [Projects] (1)
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Leaders In Innovation Fellowship [Projects] (1)
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